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"Everything looks great as usual. You take very good care of us always."
Madelin Pugliese, USC

Exterior painting is one of the most important maintenance projects you can have done to protect the investment you have in your home.

Extreme temperatures, sun, wind, rain, and snow can wreck havoc on exterior paint, and diminish your home's curb appeal.

Proper preparation is crucial for superior, long-lasting results. Our thorough exterior preparation process (see below) will protect your home from the elements for years to come.

When expertly prepped and finished, a professional exterior paint job will help to maintain and even increase your property's value by maximizing your home's visual appeal.




10 Point Exterior Site and Surface Preparation Checklist
1. Before preparing the work area, we remove any environmental residue, dirt, algae and mildew to provide a clean surface for your new exterior paint.
2. We cover all areas over which surface preparation or painting is taking place with either drop cloths or plastic coverings (walkways, shrubbery, etc.).
3. We remove all loose paint, caulking and glazing where necessary.
4. We repair all rotted wood as requested by the owner.
5. We use an advanced Polymer (Titebond Weathermaster™) or a latex acrylic (TopGun 200, PPG®) to repair all gapped or failed caulking.
6. We replace glazing on window mullions where necessary.
7. We use high quality primer-sealer to spot prime all areas where loose paint has been removed to the point of exposing bare wood.
8. We sand all woodwork and check for imperfections. Imperfections large enough will be filled with appropriate wood filler or Bondo then sanded and primed before any finish coating is applied.
9. We paint vertical drainpipes (downspouts) and horizontal gutter systems.
10. When our work has been completed, we carefully remove all exterior equipment and drop cloths.


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