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"Both of my daughters ... raved about the painting of the front hall, stairs, and 2nd floor. They said it was perfect. Thanks for a great job."
Bob Keany, USC

Smith Painting and Renovation knows that the key to a great job is thorough surface preparation.

Our painters are highly skilled at prepping all surfaces before the painting begins, which ensures a clean and smooth surface.

You can view our Interior and Exterior Surface Preparation Checklists below.

10 Point Interior Site and Surface Preparation Checklist
1. We move all of your furniture to an appropriate space and cover it with protective plastic or drop cloths.
2. We protect all floors with clean professional-use drop cloths.
3. We protect any non-paintable surfaces like windows and stained woodwork.
4. We remove all switch plates and vent covers prior to painting, and replace them after all painting is completed.
5. We repair drywall and/or plaster, including unsightly imperfections such as nail pops and plaster cracks. We fill in any picture hanging or curtain rod holes at the owner's request.
6. We then sand and prime the repaired areas before any finish paint is applied.
7. We check for and repair any trim work imperfections. Imperfections large enough to fill will be filled with appropriate wood filler, then sanded and primed before any finish coating is applied.
8. We use acrylic latex caulking with a manufacturer’s warranty of 50 years (TopGun 200, PPG®) for any cracks where wood meets wood or painted wood meets your walls and/or ceiling.
9. We only use top of the line, quality paints (latex and/or oil), glazes, and stains.
10. When our work has been completed, we vacuum/sweep all work areas and carefully move your furniture back to its original place.

10 Point Exterior Site and Surface Preparation Checklist
1. Before preparing the work area, we remove any environmental residue, dirt, algae and mildew to provide a clean surface for your new exterior paint.
2. We cover all areas over which surface preparation or painting is taking place with either drop cloths or plastic coverings (walkways, shrubbery, etc.). We remove house numbers and mailboxes where necessary, and replace them after all painting is completed.
3. We remove all loose paint, caulking and glazing where necessary.
4. We repair all rotted wood as requested by the owner.
5. We use an advanced Polymer (Titebond Weathermaster™) or a latex acrylic (TopGun 200, PPG®) to repair all gapped or failed caulking.
6. We replace glazing on window mullions where necessary.
7. We use high quality primer-sealer to spot prime all areas where loose paint has been removed to the point of exposing bare wood.
8. We sand all woodwork and check for imperfections. Imperfections large enough will be filled with appropriate wood filler or Bondo then sanded and primed before any finish coating is applied.
9. We paint vertical drainpipes (downspouts) and horizontal gutter systems.
10. When our work has been completed, we carefully remove all exterior equipment and drop cloths.


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